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Whether you already have a performance track or you need some help finding the perfect song to show off your pipes. Super Key's full-service recording studio has what you need. We know how to bring a song to life by capturing a singer's passion and emotion. Let us help you create a style.


Sometimes a melody or beat catches your ear; other times the lyrics catch your heart. Then there are songs with a groove or rhythm that just get you moving. And when it all comes together a song can become the anthem of an era. They might not always sing the songs we love but the songwriters make them happen. Super Key can help you with the most important aspect of the songwriting process, from writing lyrics and music to creating arrangements. You can also learn to manage the business end of your craft, so you can make sure you're financially and creatively rewarded for doing what you love.


Bring in your own gear and use Super Key's digital and/or analouge sequencing software, outboard equipment and sound rooms to complete your next demo or album project. We have in-studio drums in our drum booth that can be recorded acoustically. through midi or using a combination of both. We can mic or DI your guitar and bass to the board and capture the magic that makes your band - and your sound - unique.

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No matter where you are in the creative process, we can work with your lyrics, melody and chords. Bring them with you and let's begin.