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Individual Instruction

Music Lessons in Oklahoma City & Online

"Your One Shop Talent Stop"

Vocal Lessons - There are many styles of music and even more distinctive voices. With a client list that includes American Idol finalists. Super Key can help you find your voice, develop your own personal style and make the most of your talent. Lessons address all aspects of voice control: breathing, support, articulation, volume control, upper and lower registers. We'll help you increase your versatility, performance power and professionalism as you learn in our full-service recording studio. We teach many styles of singing including Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Traditional, Country, and Classical to name a few.

Piano / Keyboards Lessons - Whether you're completely new to music or an accomplished performer, Super Key can help you reach your musical aspirations. Depending on your individual goals you can study hand technique, music theory or play by ear. Super Key's students learn to read music, play in different styles, use the pedals and incorporate chord progressions. You'll also learn essential practice tips and techniques, the foundation of every great painist's performance.

Drums Lessons - Drums are the backbone of the band. They may sit at the back of the stage, but they're front and center when it comes to holding a song - and a band! together. Whether you're a beginning student who just wants to start reading music or you're a seasoned pro looking to build up your chops, Super Key has the experience you need, no matter what style you play. Beginners will learn to play the 1st 13 Essential Drum Rudiments, while those with more experience can try different techniques or even create a style of their own. And if you're ready to learn to play in a band, we've got you covered. At Super Key you'll learn to play in our full-service recording studio, but you won't pay full-service prices. Click below for the complete fee schedule.

Guitar Lessons - Do you dream of rocking the house in a big stadium? Setting the mood in a jazz club. Or maybe you see yourself in the studio, backing up one of your hero's. Wherever you see yourself going, Super Key's guitar lessons will help you get there. Depending on your needs and ability you can start with the basics like how to tune your guitar, chord names and positions, and progress to reading music notation or playing by ear. You can even learn to play guitar and sing at the same time, which is not as easy as it looks. But most importantly as with all of our lessons you'll learn the essential practice tips that keep the pros sharp and in tune. You'll find our lesson plans very budget friendly. Click below for more information.

Songwriting Lessons - Sometimes a melody or beat catches your ear; other times it's the lyrics that catch your heart. Then there are songs with a groove or rhythm that just get you moving. And when it comes all together a song can become the anthem of an era. They might not always sing the songs we love but the songwriters make them happen. Super Key can teach you the important aspects of the songwriting process, from writing lyrics and music, and creating arrangements to managing the business factors you need to consider.

We hope you will have much success in your music endeavors!